PreNeed Portal (PRISM)

There’s an easier way to organize and access your death-care trust account and contracts.

PRISM is FSI’s secure, mobile-friendly online platform that gives you total control of your trust and sales programs in a matter of clicks. Available across all smartphones, tablets and desktops, PRISM provides firms with complete, 24/7 access to their programs’ details, including:

  • Market value of an entire trust account.
  • Images of any preneed contract.
  • Status of every preneed contract, down to the line item.
  • Statistics and analysis of your program.
  • Multiple reports in various formats.
  • Trust transaction history.
  • Contracts or payments in error.
  • Summary of upcoming events, such as regulatory reporting deadlines.

PRISM also enables death-care firms to set up and process one-time and recurring consumer credit card payments. State associations can process member checks and other forms of payment through the platform as well, making it an effective e-commerce solution for the industry.

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