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Proven PreNeed Master Trust Services

With Funeral Services, Inc., you have options when it comes to PreNeed trust services.

Turnkey Master Trust Program:

This comprehensive option provides you with all the tools you need to confidently offer PreNeed, including:

  • Pre-approved trust documents, PreNeed contracts, and forms for your state
  • Complete administration and recordkeeping services
  • Investment services by the trustee
  • Preparation and review of PreNeed license applications and renewals
  • Reporting of funds down to the contract level
  • Easy payment options for your client families
  • Online access to track your accounts, record payments, and submit claims
  • Assistance during audits or inspections by regulators

To facilitate the transfer of your funds, we provide complete support throughout the process to ensure an accurate and stress-free transition.

Individual Master Trust Program:

If you prefer to manage your own PreNeed program, this option allows you to leverage the security and strength of our Master Trust while using your own administrative systems.  This program includes:

  • Pre-approved trust documents for your state
  • Recordkeeping services for your investments
  • Investment services managed by the trustee

To learn more, contact one of our trust experts today.