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PreNeed and Perpetual Care Trusts can be complicated and what you don't know can hurt you.  It's our promise to keep you informed with all the latest developments, trends, and legislation.  What we know, you'll know.  Please check out the FSI Digital Brochure explaining the different services we offer.  [Digital Brochure]

April 2020

As the world practices social distancing and limits in-person interaction during the COVID-19 pandemic, the traditional way of doing business in deathcare is challenged. To help guide deathcare professionals, FSI developed a whitepaper that explains how technology can integrate into a firm’s time-tested practices to ensure families are served effectively and efficiently during this time.

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January 2020

To help ensure a deathcare firm’s acquisition or divestiture is successful, FSI can assist with thorough due diligence on the target’s trust and preneed sales programs. For Lohman Funeral Homes, Cemeteries and Cremation – a firm that acquired, owned and operated more than a dozen deathcare firms – FSI conducted a full audit on all of its trusts to ensure they were fully funded and in regulatory compliance.

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October 2019

Learn how FSI’s eContract service helped one of its clients increase efficiency and & compliance for its preneed programs.

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October 2019

The recent data breaches that plagued Equifax and Capital One prove you can never be overprepared or overprotective of your data. While FSI puts extensive measures in place to protect your data, you can also take steps to minimize the likelihood of a breach. Read the latest insight from FSI President and CEO Bill Williams on data security practices you can implement at your funeral home or cemetery in his latest blog.

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April 2019

See how FSI helped one of its clients triple its fund for cemetery care & maintenance in just one year.

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October 2017
As a death care professional, you know trusts play a vital role in growing and sustaining your business.  However, the management of your trusts is always complicated, to say the least.  Just keeping up with constantly changing regulations and documenting trust transactions can consume all your time ... and mistakes are very costly.

The good news for you is that there's a solution: a trust administrator. But who is that, exactly? FSI President & CEO Bill Williams explains in The Director.
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July 2017
PRISM is FSI's innovative online platform on that puts you in complete control of your trust accounts.  The new PRISM platform offers many features to help you integrate, secure, manage and sustain your business.  To help you fully understand the benefits of those offerings, FSI created a comprehensive document that outlines how PRISM can save you time and money, and also offer all-inclusive access to your trust accounts around-the-clock.
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November 2016
FSI presents "Unitrusts: Advancing Perpetual Care Financial Strategies" about the Unitrust model and how it can positively impact your bottom line.
View a copy of the webinar here.
June 2016
Maintaining perpetual care property as an attractive and safe environment for generations to come, even after every burial space is occupied, is a financial burden every perpetual care cemetery carries.  The question arises: How do perpetual care cemetery owners continue to fund the ongoing maintenance and upkeep of properties like this into the foreseeable and unforeseeable future?

There is a solution, Unitrusts.  This white paper offers death care professionals a comprehensive look at the Unitrust distribution method, new to perpetual care, including an explanation of the financial impact and implementation of the financial technique.
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November 2015
This program was designed to help you navigate the next steps after you have a new PreNeed contract in-hand.  Knowing how to evaluate your trust program will keep you from veering off course and will help you effectively navigate a successful PreNeed program.  To listen to the audio of the webinar, click here.
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October 13, 2015
Bill Williams, FSI president and CEO, and Jim Atwood, CEO of Infinity Management Advisors, LLC will host a free webinar with Kates-Boylston Publications Thursday, Oct. 29 at 3 p.m. EST.  The webinar, "The Life of a Preneed Contract: Avoiding Roadblocks and Charting the Path to a Successful PreNeed Trust Program".  This webinar evaluates a solid, successful trust program - when a customer dies and everything works out well, and a preneed trust program that leaves a funeral home frustrated.

Attendees will learn to:
• Identify circumstances that derail a PreNeed trust program from success
• Measure how your trust program using simple tools and methods
• Establish and maintain a solid, productive relationship with those managing a preneed trust program including trustees, investment managers, administrators, record-keepers and others

To register, visit
July 30, 2015
The way you market PreNeed programs can be vitally important to the future success and long-term viability of your funeral home or cemetery.  But exactly what kind of PreNeed program are you operating? How ambitious are your efforts?  And should you make changes?  This white paper offers death care professionals with a methodology for accurately assessing passive, active and competitive PreNeed programs.  This white paper will explain how to assess your current program with those three categories in mind.
Download the full white paper here
January 6, 2015
This white paper discusses the importance of transparency and verification of financial information when operating PreNeed and Perpetual Care Trusts. This paper outlines three elements key to achieving success and full legal compliance: SSAE 16 standards, policies and procedures for earnings allocation and reconciliation of trusts and contracts.  Following this discussion, this paper offers convenient checklists to help death care professionals assess the risks and liabilities of Preneed and Perpetual Care Trusts.
Download the full white paper here
December 4, 2014
Download the third white paper in a series that examines the elements essential to building a solid PreNeed and Perpetual Care Trust. A well-defined IPS, regularly reviewed and updated when necessary, helps to ensure the seamless functioning and proper operation of a trust.
Download the full white paper here
November 3, 2014
Download the second white paper in a series that examines how to build and operate a PreNeed and Perpetual Care Trust that helps ensure financial health and stability as well as regulatory compliance.  This month's white paper explains the importance of reporting and an analyzing the fair market value of a trust and PreNeed contracts.
Download the full white paper here
October 1, 2014
Download the first white paper in a series that examines how to build and operate a PreNeed and Perpetual Care Trust that helps ensure financial health and stability as well as regulatory compliance.  This month's white paper explains the importance of segregating duties, mapping out the players, their roles and their responsibilities.
Download the full white paper here